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Uganda is currently faced with adverse climate change effects including prolonged droughts, extreme temperatures, landslides, floods, among others which are partly attributed to massive loss of tree cover. The country is currently losing an average of 122,000 hectares of forest cover annually. 
Over 60% of the deforestation is occurring on private land and this has translated into forest cover declining from 4.9 million ha (24%) in 1990 to 2.5 million ha (12.4%) as per the recent forest inventory which was done by NFA in 2019. This trend of forest loss has raised concerns both locally and internationally and the country may not have readily available timber for use by 2030.

This year, the Run4Climate will target all stakeholders ranging from students, government bodies, nongovernment organizations, indigenous people as well as the international community. Under the theme, “Protect, Restore, Conserve”, the goal is to raise funds to grow 100,000 trees in 2022 and restore 200 acres of degraded land.


To foster multi-sectoral participation for climate action and raise funds to restore 200 acres of land by growing 100,000 trees. 
Specific aims:
1. To enhance stakeholder awareness on climate change.
2. To raise funds to restore 200 acres of land by growing 
3. To enhance organizational networks and synergy for climate action in the country.
Participation fees:
Individual Ticket: UGX 20,000 

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