Environmental education

Tree Adoption Uganda engages young people through school environmental clubs to become environmental stewards for sustainability. The focus here is to have a meaningful engagement of youth in the creation of communities where both people and nature flourishes.

We are mindful of the fact that today’s young people are our future stakeholders and potential leaders, and that their later choices are immensely influenced by what they see, hear and learn today. We therefore intend to reach school children (between 6-18 years) primary and secondary schools across the country. This will lead to a change in their mind-set, knowledge and behavior towards environmental issues, and foster their civic engagement in restoration and conservation activities.Furthermore, environment education has a ripple effect in consolidating achievements of conservation as the informed children are in a position to influence their parents and community to adopt environmental conservation approaches.


- Explore

The objective here is to engage young people in exploring the community’s environment, to identify its resources, assets, strengths and needs.

Activities focus on young people ‘using their voice’ through interviews to discover and collect baseline information, which they can use to identify local environmental problems that evolve from people’s interaction with nature (e.g., deforestation, water & soil issues). By ‘using their voice’ young people develop confidence and transform into vocal environment advocates. The approach is based on methods such as guided walking tours, interviews, news media searches, environment surveys and opinion polls.

- Design

This step introduces young people to basic and simplified “systems thinking” and human-centered design approaches. Working in groups they will design simple, practical and realistic projects that they can undertake within their communities.

- Execute

Activities here encourage young people to go out into their community and carry out actions to conserve or restore their environment.


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