The Run4Climate


Uganda is currently faced with adverse climate change effects including prolonged droughts, extreme temperatures, la...

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Tree Adoption Uganda in partnership with One Tree Planted is implementing a project in Bududa, Mokono and Nakaseke districts in Uganda to plant 50,000 trees. The project kicked off last year in Bud...

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Tree Adoption Uganda in collaboration with TerraMatch under the AFR 100 sponsorship is restoring 200 hectares of land by planting 100,000 this year in 5 districts in Uganda. The first batch of 30,0...

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Tree Adoption Uganda partnered with the Ministry of Water and Environment and private sector in a national tree planting campaign named the Running Out Of trees campaign to plant 4 million trees an...

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Trees for Schools

This focuses on young people engaging with their classroom, clubs and schools to develop and execute their designed school plan depending on the prevailing environmental challenges their schools ar...

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Waste management for flood control

Our interventions in communities affected by indiscriminate disposal of waste is to create a change in their behavior and inspire intrinsic desire towards environmental stewardship through sensitiz...

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Manafwa Watershed Restoration

This project focuses on the Manafwa watershed in Eastern Uganda, which forms part of the Mount Elgon National Park, and is impacted by increasingly frequent floods, landslides, shrinking forest res...

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Environmental education

Tree Adoption Uganda engages young people through school environmental clubs to become environmental stewards for sustainability. The focus here is to have a meaningful engagement of youth in the c...

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5 Million Trees

Uganda’s forest cover reduced from over 4.5million hectares in 1990 to less than 2million in 2015 (NEMA, 2016/2017, p. 122), and we are feeling the impact.

Farming communities around...

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People of the world forests

We mobilize and educate communities about the benefits of collective action especially for environmental sustainability. Together with the community we plant a community forest . Trees planted can...

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