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Everyone has the ability to change the world. On this website, you will find tools and details on how to become involved in your neighborhood and improve the environment. Our organization provides a number of ways to get engaged and support environmental protection, from straightforward lifestyle adjustments to volunteer opportunities and much more. Take action now, help restore mother nature.

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Being a part of a group of people who share your beliefs can be a strong motivator for change. We provide avenues for people to interact, exchange concepts, and work together on environmental projects. Our family is committed to fostering a more sustainable and ecologically conscious world, from regional activities to international initiatives. Join us right now and contribute to creating communities where people and nature flourish.

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Being aware about environmental issues is the first step in bringing about change since knowledge is power. The most recent information on environmental issues, such as climate change, pollution, and biodiversity, can be found on this website. Get our newsletter or follow us on social media to remain informed on the most recent environmental movement developments.

About TAU

Tree Adoption Uganda (TAU) is a youth-centric NGO established in 2012 and registered on 8th November 2013. It's a nonprofit powered by the vision of creating communities where people and nature flourish. Through landscape restoration activities like planting trees and agroforestry, we build resilience for small holder farmers against the changing climate while economically empowering unemployed young people in Uganda's rural communities...

Our Mission

We exist to build community resilience against the changing climate.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create communities where people and nature flourish.

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What people think about Us?

We invite you to read through these testimonials and learn more about our organization and the impact we have made. We hope that these stories inspire you to join us in our efforts to create a more sustainable future for Uganda and the world. Thank you for your support!

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"When drought hits which is as a result of climate change, women and children move longer distances to collect water where in most cases are taken advantage of like rape, defilement which results into teenage pregnancy hence dropping out of school." - RHU Executive Director Jackson Chekweko at the Health and Climate Symposium, PreCop28

Jackson Chekweko

Executive Director - Reproductive Health Uganda
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Ahead of COP28 UAE, we took part in the pre-cop 28 Health and Climate Symposium together with Tree Adoption Uganda, WHO, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of water to discuss pathways to integrate Air Quality data in Health Systems and Climate Change.

Angela Nshimye

Policy & Engagement Officer - AirQo
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Presented at the Health & Climate Pre-COP28 Symposium on the 14th of Nov 2023! 

Shared how Malaria Youth Uganda is making a difference in the fight against malaria, inspiring youth in climate action. 

Grateful for the chance to contribute to building resilient health systems.

Ismail Munyamu

Team Lead - Malaria Youth Uganda
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As a member of EU Youth Sounding Board in Uganda, l had the pleasure of participating meaningfully at the Health and Climate Symposium. 

As we drive the conversation forward, there is a great role that young people can play in driving the nexus between health and climate change.

Naiga Doreen

Member of EU Youth Sounding
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“Thank you @tree_adoptionugandafor participating with us in the tree planting session. We hope to follow up anad as well meet at the 18th June #Run4climate”

Environmental Hub Uganda

Environmental Hub Uganda
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The journey of change always calls for joint efforts. @tree_adoptionug donated over 10 copies of Environmental Education toolkit and we heartily appreciate.

Raymond James Ntabazi

Environmental Engineer
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I would like to thank @tree_adoptionug for inviting us to plant trees for babies at Kyambogo University…. we shall fight together towards achievement of our goal.

Babu Denis

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I have successfully completed my six weeks internship with @tree_adoptionug. Thank you everyone at TAU for the professional guidance and assistance offered in and outside office, i want to say am grateful.

It's now time to take climate change fight to the next level.

Isaac Olal

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When this organization approached me about introducing trees into my farming operations, I was doubtful. However, after collaborating with them, I understood the advantages of agroforestry. It has not only helped to lessen erosion on my farm, but it has also improved the condition of my soil and helped me preserve water. I heartily advise other farmers to enroll in this program.

Robert Ssebunya

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TAU's initiative for educating people about conservation absolutely astounded me. They gave our students practical learning opportunities that truly aided in their comprehension of how their activities affect the environment. Our students are more conscious of the value of sustainability and conservation as a result of this curriculum.

Sarah Nakazibwe

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