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Tree Growing

Very noticed during this session of the COP, the young Charles Batte launched a program which has already made it possible to replant more than half a million trees in his country. Encounter.

On the COP27, you can't miss him with his bright green t-shirt marked with the name of his association “Tree Adoption Uganda”. Ten years ago, Charles Batte, then 19, decided to plant trees in rural communities. A native of Kampala, he had ties in the village of Kahiti, 37 km away.

“The idea was both to have climate action and to encourage young people not to flee the countryside,” he explains with a smile that reveals the teeth of happiness. That's how he started studying agroforestry. In Uganda, a country which is suffering the effects of global warming (drought, extreme temperatures, floods and landslides), the forest cover has reduced from 4.5 million hectares in 1990 to less than 2 million.

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