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Ministry of Health and Partners plant over 100 trees as part of World Health Day commemoration in Uganda

Kampala, 19th April 2022: - The Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Tree Adoption Uganda (TAU), joined hands to commemorate World Health Day in a tree-planting exercise, in line with the day’s theme, “Our Planet, Our Health”.

Through the “Our planet, our health” camp...

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It is time we put a stop to deforestation

In Uganda, forests are faced with worsening trends through encroachment, deforestation and forest degradation through conversion of forest land to other land uses. As a result, our forest cover shrunk from 45 per cent in 1890 to the present 20 percent between 1990 and 2005. 
This should w...

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Tree Adoption Uganda remains a key party for the grueling and demanding albeit worthwhile nature conservation drive in Uganda.

Since its inception year in 2012, the NGO has done incredible work to fight the worrying deforestation rates in the country christened as the “Pearl of Africa”.

After successful tree planting campaigns in Nakaseke and Luweero districts in partnership with the Liverpool football fans in Ugan...

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Nature Conservation through Sports: Uganda Liverpool FC fans on a massive tree-planting campaign

The joy and benefit of sport has been inalienable time immemorial.

From providing unending entertainment, offering employment (directly or indirectly), relieving stress, promoting teamwork to maintaining physical fitness, sports has played a commendable task.

This is in unison from al...

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Charles Batte: The boy who thought big

Charles Batte had a visionary idea ten years ago, when he was 19. He decided to plant trees in the rural community where his family held a piece of land. Born in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, Batte went frequently to the village of Katiiti, 37 kilometers west, to help plant food for his subsist...

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Ugandan NGO urges the country to fight Climate Change by planting millions of trees

“The restoration of trees remain among the most effective strategy for climate mitigation.”, a recent study says.

According to the study, planting one trillion trees could absorb more than half of the carbon produced in the past 25 years saving the planet from the great threats of climate c...