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Project details

  • Name: Waste Management for Flood Control
  • Started: 2019
  • Ended: ongoing

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Waste Management for Flood Control

In Bwaise, an urban slum in Kampala synonymous with flooding, indiscriminate disposal of waste in the already inadequate drainage channels is one of the major causes of these floods. The communities here constantly lose their property and livelihoods every it rains, as well as time spent drawing the water out of their houses.

Who is affected?

Flooding affects all residents in this area, but women are more especially vulnerable due to their low socioeconomic status, fewer opportunities, and responsibilities that confine them at home.

What did Tree Adoption Uganda do?

Tree Adoption Uganda with funding from Cities Alliance introduced the Waste Management for Flood control Project and trained 1000 households in clusters of 10, in this low-income area, with the aim of intrinsically motivating a change in their mindset and behavior towards waste and appropriately manage it- use it to improve their livelihoods.

 The approach

The community was trained in waste sorting where the organic waste was separated from the inorganic ones, dried, carbonized and mixed with soil to make briquettes that are used both domestically for cooking and also for sale. Each group was given a tarpaulin for drying organic waste and also a carbonizing/charring drum to turn the dried waste into char.

 The inorganic one, especially plastic bottles are also sold to recycling companies for income. 

How did this help?

  • Reduction in the rates of floods as a result of waste blocking drainage systems
  • Improvement of standards of living of households through income from sale of briquettes and plastics
  • Reduction on pressure put on trees as a result of demand for charcoal.
  • Successfully conducted a series of community clean-ups to engage members in collective waste management and cleanliness.
  • Lobbied government agencies to address drainage issues in the slum-better drainage channels currently being constructed.
  • Created an animated video to raise awareness on waste management and for training. It was shared through TAU social media pages and by Cities Alliance and was on national television to create awareness at a bigger scale.