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Landscape Restoration

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Project details

  • Name: Ecomatcher
  • Started: 2019
  • Ended: Ongoing


TAU entered into a technology-based tree growing partnership with Ecomatcher limited in 2019. To date, 85,000 trees have been planted and mapped using the Ecomatcher Treecorder application in the areas of Nakaseke, Mukono and 

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Tree mapping technology

Since 2017, TAU integrated mobile technology in tree planting and growing initiatives in house and for partners. Data collected include GPS coordinates per tree, date of planting, species, socio-de...

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In 2022, TAU was awarded African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative (AFR100) grant which facilitated the planting and growing of 100,000 trees in the areas of Luwero, Nakaseke, Ngora, Bugema a...

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One Tree Planted

TAU entered into a landscape restoration partnership with One Tree planted which led to the restoration of 100 acres of land in Bududa, Kapchorwa, Mukono and Nakaseke. 

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Running Out of Trees

In 2020, TAU joined the national tree planting campaign titled the Running Out Of Trees campaign (ROOTS), spearheaded by the Ministry of Water and environment and private entities as a tree growing...

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Plant for Planet

TAU entered into a tree growing and fundraising partnership with Plant for the planet which has seen the planting and growing of 2,000 trees in Uganda with donation funds from the Plant for the pla...