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Environmental Education Tool kit

In the face of an ever-changing climate and diminishing ecosystem, young people are key stakeholders and leaders in the efforts to conserve, protect and ensure sustainability of our planet. The choices, decision and actions they will take tomorrow are immensely influenced by what they see, hear and learn today.  

Tree Adoption Uganda developed a Toolkit- The Environmental Education Toolkit for Schools, meant to complement the formal education curriculum, and introduces the explore, design, execute model to young people, that enables them to develop skills and competencies to set them on a journey towards becoming good environmental stewards of their school and community.  

  1. Explore and understand their natural environment; its importance, resources, problems etc. Here, young people discover and collect baseline information which they can use to identify local environmental problems that evolve from people’s interaction with nature. The approach is based on methods such as guided walking tours, interviews, news media searches, environment surveys and opinion polls.
  2. Design solutions and create a desired vision for their environment. This step introduces young people to basic and simplified design approaches. Working in groups they, design simple, practical and realistic projects that they can undertake within the settlement.
  3. Execute those solutions and innovations in a way that fosters sustainability. This step encourages young people to go out into their community and carry out the actions they have designed to conserve or restore their environment.


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